Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday April 17th

I had a wonderful drive yesterday from Tucson to Oakland and it turned out to be an exceptionally excellent day. My friends came through as they always do and kept me company by checking in on my progress over the course of the day.

I checked into our hotel and then ran to the airport to pick up Gail and then we went directly out to dinner for sushi. Yoshi’s has been a favorite of ours and we have ALWAYS had a fantastic meal. This particular meal was not up to our historical standards. To say that we were disappointed was an understatement, the food was good but they have changed the menu and one of our favorite items had been removed. Now this in NO WAY deterred my celebratory mood for the evening.

We went to bed early and both got up at crack of ass. (This is one of the reasons that we are good roomies…we are both really early risers and it has only been a recent development that I have discovered my desire and ability to sleep a bit later into the morning.)

Gail & I had a wonderful series of adventures in San Francisco today. We started out at General Bead and then went to the Xanadu Gallery. (A Frank Lloyd Wright Building)
We had the full four-floor experience at Britex Fabrics and I got a new length of fabric for my display table. We then went to several museum shops. The Folk Museum, The Jewish Museum & SF MOMA and we spent about an hour in the HUGE SF Anthropology store. After all of that we headed out to North Beach and meandered around for several hours and ended up at the Stinking Rose for Garlic Roasted Muscles, 40 Clove Garlic Chicken, Garlic Mashed Potatoes and I had a very nice glass of Chianti.

We have to get up very early tomorrow morning to get all set up for the ONE-DAY NORCAL show. If you are in town… come in and see us. It promises to be an excellent day.

A very cool plant bottle wall at Anthropology

An illuminated Odie in Anthropology...

An River Rock Fountain outside the Jewish Heritage Museum

An Amazing Deli in North Beach

Ahhhhh. North Beach

This is not North Beach...but it is one of the coolest things that I have seen in ages.

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