Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday April 15th

This was just SO TRUE and oh so very funny!

Well today is April 15th and today taxes are due. Did I get mine done? Ummm no, did I file for an extension? Ummm, yes I did. Well one more year passes and one more year I file for a reprieve on my due date. Each year the days pass by quickly and each year I promise myself to do better and each year I fail myself in that promise. Oh well, here I go again.

I had a wonderful time at Margaret’s birthday last Sunday. JC did a great job of streamering the house and all decorations were very festive. Those gals are really a blast and I am so very glad that I have gotten to know them these past few months. I did have a very very lovely Sunday night and Monday before I got back to the grind of it all early Tuesday morning. I had loads to get accomplished in the short time I had left and I am very pleased to say that it all got done and I truly have the worlds BEST FRIENDS!

I leave at 3am for my drive to Oakland to spend a few days with Gail Crosman Moore and do a one day show for the Northern California Bead Society. I am looking forward to the few extra days that Gail & I are gonna spend slummin’ around together having good food and just kickin’ back.

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