Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday February 24th

Well yesterday it was over 90º here in Tucson and I today is in the mid-eighties. I am starting to have a bit of faith that winter may be ebbing away towards the spring. I got a lot done in my back yard yesterday and will soon be making my way towards the really awful front yard. I mean it is really bad and the last rains have not helped the matter at all. Now in order to fully grasp the stinky situation I think I may be one of the few people in Tucson that actually has decent soil. I do not have the compacted clay called caliche (I think I have spelled it correctly) I have really GOOD dirt and I actually have grass, weeds and other things growing that require so much maintenance after the rains. Well I am there now and I have to break out all of the proper tools.

And…Oh, so very soon I will be able to wake in the mornings walk out my bedroom door and dive into my pool to swim my laps again. I crave the heat again. I want my bones to be warm again.

I opened up a very excellent article today. There have bee jaguars spotted in NM and AZ. This is an image of a cat that was tagged and collared for tracking south of Tucson. The simple fact that that this species is even remotely near humans is a truly amazing thing, the majesty and beauty of this creature had always taken my breath away. I remember seeing the National Geographic specials when I was a kid and loved seeing this feline on the move. It is one of the true definitions of natural grace in motion.

So… here is the show news for the day. I have taken away one of my classes at B&B and replaced it with another Viking Double-Knit Class. It is getting harder and harder to fill the chain technique classes. I feel that this trend may be reaching its saturation point. Only time will tell that future.

Now I did talk about the truly geek nature of me and I am once again reminded of the reality of that fact. I kind of started counting how long I can take it from haircut to haircut and it is almost exactly 6 weeks to the day before I get all crazed and insane about looking scruffy. So, today almost 6 weeks to the day I got all spruced up for my classes at Bead Fest Santa Fe. I have 4 spots left in the Chain Making Class and 8 left in the Sunday Pendant Making Class and given the state of the economy these days I think that the class sign-ups are going very well.

How many of us are so sick and tired of those chain emails that we all get fine droves and droves? My friend Michele Goldstein sent me this JPG-File a week or so ago & I hope that no one is offended by the language that I am posting. I just thought that this was one of the funniest things I had seen in awhile.

Now on a silly note: I find the capacity for people to be proprietary and self-involved astounding. What person has the right to say who can be friends with whom? Why is it necessary to have to choose sides and lines drawn and to make others feel like they have gone back to Jr. High School for daring to maintain a simple relationship? When we reach adulthood are we not able to make these choices for ourselves? I am amazed at the childish nature of the human condition to maintain the illusion of control. I guess the answer must be no we are not & that silly and childish behavior must be indulged.

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