Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday February 7th

Have you ever hung onto something that you knew you should have let go of ages ago? There are things you are actually keeping for reasons that you cannot even imagine or fathom anymore and every once in awhile you just glance at them again to see that they are still part of you even though you know that they aren’t? Do you know that moment when you can finally say with a clear and determined voice “I am done with that”? I had that kind of a moment today and I have to say that I can highly recommend the cleansing nature of the act. I am very pleased indeed. It seems that some door has finally latched and that the path ahead is just a bit clearer. Each day like this is such an eye opening experience that keeps showing me all of the wonderful things that are right in front of me that I was not seeing. When you remember to really breath again, take in the air and let it clear out all of the cobwebs, there is no greater feeling to be had. I have recently re-discovered my desire to breath again and believe me the air is very sweet indeed.

The late night last night at the show was kind of hard. Being at your booth for 11 hours is not an easy thing at all. The show promoter was serving wine and cheese and gave all of the vendors these tiaras to wear. As you can see from the ensuing struggle, Andrea was determined to get me to wear mine…. let us be clear…What about me says Tiara? NOT ONE THING. I put up a valiant fight….and Andrea was laughing to hard to get the upper hand. Whew….it would not have been a pretty image for sure!

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