Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday February 6th

Today is day 3 of 6 of the Gem Show here and I have to say that the fact that anyone os here and shopping in this economy is a blessing. It is a really hard time to be an independent artist and we are grateful for the people that are doing what they can to help us keep doing what we do. It really is a symbiotic relationship, our efforts help them express their creative side and they help us do ours by supporting us. Talk about one hand washing the other. Things are hard right now and all of us are aware of it. The thing that I find unacceptable is the vendor’s that are complaining about it all. Things are hard but we are all in this together and most of us realize that we are gonna have to work harder for the next few years and that is just the way that it is. So, we just need to keep our eyes forward and keep racing for the finish line.

Things here are as funny as ever, Andrea is a totally kick in the pants and keeps me laughing during the entire day. I am grateful that there is internet access in the ball room and that I can write during the day and keep in touch with all of my peeps at the other shows. It is such a strange thing to be so close and want to see everyone yet be so beat that at the end of the day you just want to go crawl under your covers and find sleep as soon as possible. Well there are some that can stay up way past their bedtimes. I am one of those but I do like the relaxing horizontally part a great deal. Then the resting comes easier after that…and on to the next day with the morning infusion of coffee.

The chaos abounds and it is a beautiful thing to see. It is an interesting place to be, in the midst of chaos and knowing that you have chosen to simply watch and take each day as it comes and enjoy each moment as it overtakes your soul.

supposing i dreamed this)

e.e. cummings
supposing i dreamed this)
only imagine,when day has thrilled
you are a house around which
i am a wind-

your walls will not reckon how
strangely my life is curved
since the best he can do
is to peer through windows,unobserved

-listen,for(out of all
things)dream is noone's fool;
if this wind who i am prowls
carefully around this house of you

love being such,or such,
the normal corners of your heart
will never guess how much
my wonderful jealousy is dark

if light should flower:
or laughing sparkle from
the shut house(around and around
which a poor wind will roam

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