Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday August 19th

So... SL... Are you happy to see me or is that and Octopus on your head...

My mom's birthday was on Monday and we had a lazy morning. I had several errands to take care of first off, I had an Office Depot run and I had to pick up my repaired glasses at Lens Crafters. My godparents made a special dinner for my mom and they invited another couple that are some of her best friends. So at a table of 6 that the average age of the 5 others was 76.. I was the youngster. I had a blast, my godparents are so funny and they make me laugh like few others can.

Tuesday was a day of fixing all that needed to be fixed n my moms house. I replaced the 3 exterior lights, put an all weather runner in the length of the garage and non-slip treads on the garage step all to get ready for this winter; I installed a new smoke and carbon dioxide alarm, installed the new garden hose roller-upper thingy and the light in the hall ceiling & nailed the baseboards in the Master Bath after I smashed my toe for the 1000th time. All in all it was a very productive day and I am glad that these details are being attended to. I know that the time is coming when my mom will want to sell the house and I do not want her to be hit in the face with all of these small details all at once.. The key is BABY STEPS.

There is a fun and interesting debate raging amongst some of my friends about what is right to publish verses what should be kept out of the public realm. We are very dismayed by the insistence that what ever comes to mind can be considered fodder to be posted. There are a few of us that are Bloggers and we started talking how we choose what to post and what we decide is inappropriate. After some lengthy discussions we have decided that there is a distinct difference between the two. We all like to consider ourselves writers but when it comes down to it...blogging is about observations of our life and it is not a great masterpiece, we are not writing "War & Peace". All we are doing is just relaying our daily lives and our introspective moments for those who care to read. If we were actually writing.... that may be a bit different. What we talked at great length about is where is the line drawn. What observations are okay to disseminate and which ones are not. There is the internal "switch" that we all determined to be the key, our moral ideal as to what we would want posted about ourselves or our family... if it as not good for us then we could be sure that it would not be fair to post. There is so much more to it than that.. but it is a start of a very interesting and ongoing discussion for sure.

I have one parting thought for the night... I have been paying a great deal of attention to the Health Care Debates...& here is what I think.

We, as a nation, require each person that operates an automobile to have a specified minimum insurance policy. The insurance required is to protect those that are injured & not at fault if an accident occurs. I think that requiring each person to have a minimal health insurance policy amounts to the same thing. If an uninsured person seeks care at an emergency room and can not pay for the care then that cost it passed on to those that actually have insurance. That expenditure would decrease exponentially if all were required to have health insurance and took steps towards a preventative lifestyle.

Some of the citizens of this country are all riled up about having mandatory health care. FOR THOSE THAT CANNOT AFFORD PRIVATE INSURANCE; to have the ability to purchase health care insurance at an affordable rate should be a moral imperative for our nation. Just so you know...we are REQUIRED to file for a marriage license, we are REQUIRED to have auto insurance, we are REQUIRED to pay Federal & State Taxes, we are REQUIRED to serve on a jury if called upon to do so. We are REQUIRED to do a great many things for our country and I believe that NOT having health insurance is just as bad as not having auto insurance... there is no difference... Think about it...come on ...this is not that hard folks...

I love Barney Frank... it is about time that the gloves were taken off and that we started talking back...

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