Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday August 28th

What are the things in your life that just bring a smile to your face and just bring you simple joy. Is there something, an object, that no matter what, will make you just sort of giggle on the inside and maybe even a little out loud? For me there are two things that bring out that reaction in me and will never fail. I really love the texture of a glassine envelope and the softness of a big fat white cotton shoe lace. The glassine envelopes take me back to my favorite childhood books. The 23 volumes of Beatrice Potter's, The World of Peter Rabbits silky smooth pages were just one of the reasons that I loved to read those books and I just figured out that I could put the glassine in my pocket a little easier. The feel of big fat soft cotton-y shoelaces is right up there next to the glassine, the feel of them against my skin makes me smile.

While in Philly, Gail came into our hotel room and handed me a glassine envelope on purpose just to see my reaction. It made her giggle each time i would pick it up to feel it. After we had spent some time laughing about my silly obsession she asked if I carried around a piece of shoestring as well and I had to admit to her that
I actually did at times. I have said it before and I will say it again. Yes, I am a GEEK.

I am deeply saddened by the loss of Ted Kennedy. Our nation has truly come to the end of an era in American culture and politics. We have lost the last true member of a dynasty that evoked a sense of optimism, courage and the hope that the American dream is alive. Even though the children of the Joe & Rose were born into a life of privilege each one of their children had a sense of duty and family honor to do good, to assist those less fortunate and to promote charities and good works. Ted served his country and aspired to leave things better then he had found them. My thoughts and prayers are with family members and friends that will miss him profoundly. He assumed the mantel of the head of the family in the times of extreme personal pain and he bore that responsibility with a immense deal of grace. I will never forget his speech at the Democratic National Convention last year, his determination to not just stand up and say a few words and to spur on the convention to do good will stay with my forever.

The weather in the Greater Chicago are has been stinky. I could not have timed my arrival any better if I had tried. The moment I had un-loaded the last box out of the car the skies opened up and unleashed a downpour that would give a Tucson monsoon a run for it's money. Class yesterday was excellent and everyone did such a good job.

I had today off and located a close Apple store so I could go grab the additional memory that I have needed and to pick up the newest OS, Snow Leopard. They did not have the memory that I needed so I had to order it online to have it delivered at home when I get back to Tucson on Tuesday.

I will have had a long but good 3 weeks away and I am ready to be with my fuzzy girls and to be in my home. It will be good to get back to my bench and it will be good to get ready for the September Tucson Best Bead Show. I will be sharing a booth with Margaret Zinser. Looking forward to hangin' with MZ for a few days.

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