Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday August 25th

It has been way to long and I have to say that I have not posted because I have been a bit upset and really did not want to rant in a negative manner too loudly. I have been tired from all of the driving and all of the repairs and errands that I have been doing here at my moms house. I am glad to be able to do it all but I have to say that I am a bit worn out from it.

Philly was as crazy as ever. I went non-stop upon I arrival. I had my booth to set up on Thursday afternoon and my class-room to set up late on Thursday night. Thank the powers that be for Gail Crosman Moore, she helped me out with finishing up my classroom or I would have been there till close to midnight. The teaching started bright and early Friday morning but not till after I had to go down to the show floor to make sure that all was good down there.

My problem with my booth was rather bad actually. 36 hours before I was to get into Philly, the gal that I had hired to work my booth got very very sick and I could not in good conscience let her near my booth-mates. Adding the flu into a stuffy convention center is just not an option. Sweet Gail and Susan Nestor said that they would watch over my stuff but without a really sales person to interact it is hard to sell things.

But the worst was Saturday evening when I got done with classes and went over to the show floor.

STOLEN - If you see it let me know..

2 of my favorite PMC pendants had been stolen during Saturday. A brand new one that I had made with a glass eyeball I got from Gail and my Chinese Writing Stone pendant. I have to say that is is very disheartening to see $300.00 worth of my work just walk away and it is not like this person can wear the thing...if I find out who did it they are going to get an earful for sure. It's also not like I can afford to have those pieces just be gone. It made me so sad to think that there is someone out there that has so little respect for those of us that make our living this way. And to add insult to injury, I had 2 pretty expensive tools walk out of my classroom as well. I provide good tools for my students to use, they get to use the same tools that I use and to re-set for an afternoon class and to have expensive bezel mandrels & pliers disappear just makes it hard for me to justify providing this high a level of tool.

I am sorry for those student readers of mine that play by the rules and are so honest. I actually had a student track me down at the Meet the Teachers Friday night to give me cash for a hammer that she mistakenly walked out with and did not realize that she had not paid for. Well, the result for Saturdays nastiness was that I had to take all of my HOT-Selling bracelets and put them away the last day of the show.

Sundays classes were excellent and we all had a blast making the pressure pendents. Class ended at 4 pm and after that class I had to pack up all of that room. Tools and all, clean it up, get the bellman to gather the boxes up to the entrance, run a the way over to the convention center to pack up my booth at by 5:30, take that box up to my car, go get the boxes from the classroom that the bellman was holding & pack up the car. WHEW! After those tasks were completed Gail and I have a very nice quiet Indian Dinner.

I do love hanging out with Gail, we laugh so hard at all of the goings on in our little world, at our own silliness and at all of the irony that surrounds us all. It really is rather amazing if you just look around and take it all in that any of us are even slightly sane. (or are we?)

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