Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday August 16th

This just made me laugh!

Another big week has passed by and it passed way too quickly for my taste. I got loads accomplished getting jewelry done for the Philly show. I got 8 of the cuff bracelets finished, 12, PMC Gemstone Set Pendants, 11 viking knit bracelets, 4 loop-n-loop necklaces and I prepped the bezel wire and Ocean Jasper stones for 12 bezel captured pendants. So, all in all I used my days very well and got to enjoy me evenings in Albuquerque. It all seems a bit jumbled together and I have to say that I am a bit tired. I will get a few day to sort of relax after the Philly show before I head up to Chicago for my 4 days of teaching at The Place to Bead. As always, I am looking forward to seeing all of my friends and I do have the best roomie a gal could ask for in Gail Crosman Moore.

I am heading to Dayton for just a few days to celebrate my moms birthday and to prep the 10,000 boxes that I had delivered to her house for the show. It actually is a rather decent way to get to a show that is all the way across the country. I get all that I can get prepped at my studio, ship it off and have all of the other orders delivered there.. I can track it and get it delivered early so I know that there are NO issues and if there are I have plenty of time to make sure that I can solve anything. I am very pleased that my classes for Philly are creeping closer to full. 1 is totally sold, 2 more have just a few seats left, and the final 2 are at about 75%.

There is some distressing news that is coming to a head, the response to the class offerings in next months Portland Beadfest it not as good as expected or hoped for. Portland has been hard hit with the recession and has had a rough time of it for the last few years and the local population is having a hard time supporting the show. I hope that the show ends up being a good show for everyone, the vendors, the teachers and for the local economy. If anyone out there is considering heading out to the west coast for a little vacation come on out and take and support the Portland show.

I have to say that what I have witnessed this year has been encouraging, I see that everyone is doing what they can to help the vendors and independent artists survive what is happening economicly. It really is a symbiotic relationship that the artists and vendors have with the student/ show attendees. We all need each other. If the artist/vendor cannot make a living then the people that support us have a harder time being creative and expressing themselves. I think that everyone is doing what they can to keep our industry and our livelihoods healthy.

I have been watching with dismay our countries response to the health care debate and these town hall meetings. The only thing I can say good about some of our citizens is that they at least are showing the proper respect to our President when they address him with their questions. I find it amazing that one of the campaign issues that was talked about over and over again was our desperate need to overhaul our nations health care system, from how the underprivileged can afford health care to how the insurance companies treat is clients and are dumped. This has to be solved, the uninsured end up costing the taxpayers more then implementing the necessary coverage for those that cannot afford it. Let's be clear Emergency Room is not the solution for preventative healthcare. Especially when the bill for the Emergency Room visit is passed onto the rest.

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