Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday February 28th ~ 2012

I have spent the last few days slamming getting ready for my trip to California for this weekends show in Concord, The Bead & Boutique Arts Show. If you are in the Concord area over the weekend stop by and say hello. It promises to be a fun weekend and a great show.

I have gotten loads done and still have loads more to do before I take off before the dawn to get to Concord in a days drive. I know to is a long drive but I just have no desire to be away any longer than I have to be. As much as I love teaching and as much as I love my job, I can be such a home body and I love being home with all of my fuzzy creatures and my GF just doing all of those nice home kinda things.

I have also spent my week scratching my head at some of the most amazing quotes from the GOP candidates all leading up to the primary in Michigan and Arizona.

Mr Santorum in his own self righteous arrogance called our President a "Snob" for wanting this nations youth to be better prepared for life with some sort of advanced education.

Mr. Santorum out and out lied to a group of his uninformed listeners about the Netherlands euthanizing it's citizens against their will in an attempt to instill fear in a social health care system that is actually on of the best in the world.

Mr Santorum slammed President Kennedy in his '64 speech about the absolute necessity for the separation of church and state. He actually said on a Sunday talk show that Kennedy's amazing speech made him want to throw up. ••• (I am sorry sir but the separation of church and state is totally the fundamental tenant that this country was based on... REMEMBER?)

••• (I guess it is okay for the church to tell the Government what to do but it is not okay for the Government to tell the church what to do. I am sorry Rick but you cannot have it both ways.)

What I find amazing is that his extreme religious views stand in direct opposition to what the Organization of American Catholic Bishops have stated publicly and believe. Like the needs for unions, and health care for all, care for the elderly. Just to name a few.

Mr. Santorum actually asked in a speech on Tuesday evening: "Do you want smart people, do you want educated people running your country? ••• (My answer the that is.. Hell Yes Please!)
Mr Santorum simply scares me to my core. He wants to dissolve the foundation of this Nation and remake it in his own image. He truly wants to be the Theologian & Chief.

Mr. Romney is just so out of touch with America. I have never seen a person look so out of place in a pair of jeans trying to look like a "regular dude." He just cannot deliver a line to save his political life.

Mr Romney spent a week just looking like a fool. He had a HUGE rally speaking to a crowd of 1200 in a stadium that hold 65,000. He looked so ridiculous and so small in this stadium.

Mr. Romney talked about how much he love Michigan, how he loves the lakes and the streams,  how he loves cars and how the trees in  Michigan are "the right height". ••• (WHAT?)

One of Mr. Romney's campaign commercials showed him driving around Michigan talking about how it was like coming home again driving a car that was made in Canada. ••• (Good job Mr. Let the Auto Industry go bankrupt, if we had listened to you all we would be able to get is a foreign made car.)

Mr Romney tried to connect with the voters in this nation by talking about how his wife has a "couple of Cadillacs" that she drives in his several homes.

Mr Romney took a quick trip to Daytona Beach to glad hand the NASCAR crowd, saying that he was not a truly passionate as some and summed it up by saying up how some of his friends are the owners of the NASCAR Teams.

It just seems like the more he tries to connect the further off the mark his aim seems to be. If this is actually what the majority of this nation want them I am truly afraid for our Liberties  and our Freedoms.

All of this crap has landed in front of of over the last week and I have not even touched on the ongoing battle against a women's right to contraception and basic healthcare as well as her right privacy in regards to her childbearing. We need to keep our eye on Alabama and not let up on Virginia.

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