Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wednesday May 6th

Well, I had the best-est of Monday’s.

My local bud Margaret Zinser & I had a run to Phoenix to our states only IKEA. MZ was creating a wall of bookshelves and display cases for her AMAZING glass collection and as a belated birthday present I offered my lifting/hauling/construction services to her. The awesome thing about MZ is that she enjoys the whole IKEA process as much as I do, we prowl the top floor whether or not it is needed, following the arrows through the maze and then head downstairs to put all of those deals that you just did not know that you needed onto your cart. Then we head out to the warehouse to pull all of the shelving units onto out cart. We had such a great time and then had organization down to a science as we assembled 7 bookcases and installed lighting in 4 of them.

Yesterday was spent updating my website and I have to say that I had a VERY frustrating day with it. Mostly my frustration was self-induced. I had SO many brain freezes that it took twice as long as it should of taken. But all in all I think that the up-dates look good and there are new dates that are going to added to my calendar.

BUT here is the BIG new of BIG new. I have made the link to Pre-Purchase my DVD LIVE.

The Complete Guide to Low-Tech Metalsmithing

The DVD will be shipping out late August to Mid-September. I am offering free shipping to all who pre-order the DVD.

It is going to be an excellent DVD. I have had to re-think some of the elements of the project due to the creative exploration that I have taken on in these past few months and it has altered some of the ways that I do my work. As always, we artists need to keep looking at the way that we create and when we discover a new technique it needs to be incorporated into the process.

So, Pre-Order your copy today and I can promise that you will not be disappointed in the final product.

The weather here is warming up quickly and I have the awesome news that I have been able to start enjoying my pool. There is nothing better than greeting a productive work day with an invigorating few laps then go directly to work for the totally jazzed to get at it for the day. I am crazily getting ready for Bead & Button and am at it full steam ahead till I leave for the show.

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