Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday May 21st.

My many distractions continue as I attempt to get ready to leave for Bead & Button on Sunday. I am getting all of the handouts finished up and my printing finished. My bench is calling to me and I have to still take the photos for one more handout this afternoon and get the handout done before I go out to dinner with some friends that are in town.

All of us are SO ready for the show and we are all excited to be together for more then just 2 or 3 days. This is the show where we actually get to really hang out nad have some fun together

I took a few days off the last weekend and even though I did work on the computer I was out of the house and away from the piles of things before me. I made sure that I was ahead of the game and really planned it out so I could take those few days to clear my head. The only drawback to the time away was the fact that I got knocked on my butt by an under-cooked hamburger. It is NO fun to be in the bathroom at 5am when you would so much rather be in bed fast asleep.

It started raining here today, not the monsoons, just a soft steady rain that is giving everything a much needed drink. I woke to a cool 60ยบ and a soft breeze in my house. I love the rains so much the clean scent of the water on the earth. We did not get that amazing aroma of hot rain in the hot desert earth, it is not that time yet. But the cool of the rain is still so wonderful.

I am not sure if I have mentioned this yet by my bats have come back. It has actually been hot enough this year to enjoy the pool almost an entire month earlier that in years past and one evening at dusk two of my bats arrived. I sank down as low as I could in the water and I let them skim the pool for a drink as they took off to the streetlight to feed on the insects that were gathering. It just seemed that all was right in my back yard again with their arrival. It makes me happy to see them each evening as the sun sets behind the arbor.

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