Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday May 23rd

Well I have a really large pike of boxes that are to be loaded into my rental car tomorrow and I am on the road for Bead & Button. I am taking the slow approach to the show this year. I am going to spend a day and a half in Albuquerque and then I am going to spend a few days in Iowa City just trying get a bit rejuvenated and rested up before I start the 2 workshops and 10 classes that I am teaching this year.

My time in Iowa City will be fun. I am spending some time with my friends Cris & Paul. I am hoping that Cris & I get to have a play date in her studio. I have a few small projects that I would love to get finished and I am just a bit too tired to do it before I leave. I know that having Cris there will be fun and motivate me to finish up my work.

Last year during my journey to B&B I had to outrun the storms that eventually caused very severe flooding in Iowa City and in the surrounding states. There were tornado's that actually touched down in downtown Milwaukee. Last spring was so very hard for so many it seems unreal that it was just a year ago that all of that happened. A place that I actually ate a deep fried pickle may have actually just recently re-opened. If that is in fact the case, I would “relish” the opportunity to once again partake of that delicacy. (It actually was really good..)

I will post pictures of the trip and of classes… I hope to have safe travels and to arrive in Milwaukee with “Bells On.”

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