Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday May 25th

I was up a 5:30 and out the door by 5:45am to grab the rental car at the airport this morning. A full thermos mug of coffee and off I went to stand in line and grab my vehicle. I got back to the house and had the car all packed up and my all showered and clean and ready to hit the road by 10am. I was actually about an hour behind my desired departure time but I knew that I was in no rush today and I was looking forward to plugging my iPod into the Aux port and listening to my tunes and watching the landscape drift by.

All 18 office boxes, my entirely over packed self, the PMC kiln and various other items all stored very effectively in the back ¼ of one very large SUV.

So, I had quite a drive from Tucson to Albuquerque today. After I crossed the state line into New Mexico I was met with a very impressive display of lighting, thunder and the biggest raindrops that I have ever seen. I was almost certain that it was hail. Well this lasted on and off all the way to Albuquerque. It is an awesome sight to see the clouds light up and an amazing sound to hear the crackling of the thunder as you drive towards it.

The waves of the storm fronts were so incredible to watch, I had a hard time sort of remembering that I needed to pay REALLY close attention to where the heck I was going… Yes that is me behind the wheel of the SUV driving forward and trying not to drift off the side of the road. This automobile could actually take the place of Noah’s Ark if required. It can hold a pair of everything yet I found it oddly comforting driving this behemoth in this weather. At least I knew that I was not going to be doing and hydroplaning in that bad boy.

Here is one of my favorite new singers that I was introduced to..

Antje Duvekot on YouTube

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