Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday June 11th

I sort of took the day off. I realized that I have not stopped or even slowed my pace for the last month or so. I have not had a day off. I have worked like crazy, taught 12 classes, drove 4000 miles to and from the show and I am a bit worn out. So I took the day off. I got up early as usual, got my coffee and promptly went back to bed with the clear intention of making this day Anne’s Self-Indulgent day. I read for hours, I played on the computer; I messed around on FaceBook and chatted with friends that I have not had the time to catch up with. It was a wonderfully indulgent day. I took a long 90-minute hike in the hills that gave me an excellent workout to the point of sweating and then I had a beautiful steak dinner.

All the while my head was churning with a few new ideas that I am brewing for classes and jewelry and what I am going to be working on the next week as I prepare to get all of my class submissions ready for 2010. Can you believer that we are already talking about 2010? What the bejeebers is actually going on here. I look up from my work and it is ½ way through January and I look up again and ½ the year has disappeared from right in front of me. Well they do say that time marches on and I guess that they were not kidding.

I keep reflecting on this phenomenon we call the passage of time. What is it about time that seems to cause such trepidation in us? I look back at the occurrences of life and even though some of it really sucked it got me to where I am now, right now at this very moment in time… I like where I am, I like who I am and more than anything else it is the sum of all that time I have spent getting to right here that has helped me to understand life a little better, try to make some smarter choices and to just know that I can do almost anything that I put my heart and mind to.

It is the selfish and the false ones that make it difficult. It is those that cannot face the hard, talk it out, realize their own issues and confront themselves dead on that create the drama in life. I have many friends that no matter what, I will get the truth from and I will know exactly where I stand. Just because we disagree does not mean that our friendship is in shambles. It is the ability of taking those really hard moments, facing them and coming out as stronger friends that makes those hard moments bearable. I am so grateful for those friends and I cherish them more as time passes, because I have begun to truly realize how rare a thing these qualities are.

I am looking forward to the ideas that are whirling around in my head I think that the work will excite and entertain me for quite some time. I have a really big order in my head that I have to place tomorrow for silver wire & silver tube and silver sheet and all manner of exciting things. CAN’T WAIT.

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