Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday June 15th

How is it that we seem to misplace some of the things that we cherish; a habit or tradition that was so ingrained and yet we let go of it and do not miss it for quite some time? I was sitting around on Sunday morning, drinking my coffee (a ritual that will never be lost BTW) and perusing one of my favorite Sunday sites. I have come to love Post Secret, if you do not know it please click and follow along. Then I go to the Sunday New York Times and read my favorite sections and then I look through about 6 or 7 news sites and that, in a nutshell, is my Sunday morning routine.

I used to get the Sunday NY Times delivered but then, along with the Internet revolution, I became an Internet JUNKIE. So that ritual, the unfolding of the paper and the dividing of the sections has morphed into surfing the web. I miss the news print at times. I miss the folding and unfolding of each page, I miss the smell of the fresh paper and I miss being able to cut out and save articles or pictures that I would stack on my desk and I miss being buried under piles of papers that my cats would love to burrow under. But mostly I miss hunkering down and attempting the Sunday NY Times Crossword puzzle. (=FAIL every weekend!) Now I have folders on my desktop and files of images that are forever stored on my hard drive and a warm computer on my lap as I carefully sip my coffee and I can cheat on the puzzle with the entirety of all knowledge at my fingertips.

As I sat and preformed this latest version of my Sunday routine I started to think about some of the rituals and routines that I have lat go. One of my favorites was Christmas morning. For years I would arrange a platter of smoked salmon, mini toasted bagels, capers & cream cheese right along side the Osetra caviar with crème fresh, chopped eggs, little toasts and finely chopped chives. Fresh squeezed OJ, Coffee & champagne would be slowly ingested while an entire day of movies in front of my fireplace and laziness ensued. I have lost that tradition in these last few years and it is one that I would love to reinstate if ever given the chance.

There are just some things that are not meant to be lost and then there are some things that are just meant to shift with and change with the ebb and flow of life. I may miss my bed strewn with papers that I would then have to discard but I really love that I now have EVERY paper available to me at my fingertips. But I really miss do some of the special rituals that I have lost and I think that I need to really try to bring them back into my life because they meant so much to me for so long there is an emptiness where they used to preside.

I had a wonderful day today and I am getting all of my class submissions ready for 2010. Keep an eye out and check out my website over the next weeks as there are gonna be some nice changes happening.

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