Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday July 29th

Think about it:

Even the person that believes that our destinies are pre-ordained and that the path of our future is mapped out looks both ways before crossing the street.

Had an interesting day. I do not feel that I got enough accomplished but I know that I spent some time that I needed to just figuring out how I wanted some projects to go forward. I feel that I have a better handle on what I want and how I want it my work to go forward.

So tomorrow will be a very busy day and I will get all of my work done. Life is good, complicated in logistics but it is good and I am getting it all done.

I was forwarded the latest Simon’s Cat. Totally Funny!

I just cannot ever get enough of Tom Waits, his lyrics continue to touch my soul in so many ways.

Life is a..."Little Trip To Heaven"

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