Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday July 15th

I love fields of Sunflowers.
I passed many on my travels this week. I really like the way the flowers follow the path of the sun during the course of the day. It just makes me feel optimistic and hopeful.

The last day of the show on Sunday was a good one, hard but good. It is hard to be all cheerful and in a selling mood after a Saturday night like the one that I experienced. I got the news from Joe two hours after Debbie passed away and all I can say is that it was the most unexpected news that I could have received. We had just had spent hours messing around in Tucson and then hooked up in Milwaukee at Bead & Button for meals and drinks. She looked strong and was all set to start her next round of treatments. This news still has me reeling and I am sure that it will for a very long time.

My friends were so right there for me, making sure that I was okay on the long drive home on Monday. It is times like these that make you so aware of the innate goodness in the people that you choose to let into your life. The night my father passed away it was my friend Anne Devine that spent hours on the phone with me making sure that I was okay. We talked and drank port and toasted to my fathers life that I had witnessed. After I got home on Monday night, I opened my bottle of port and drank a toast to my friend and remembered that she Joe & I had done just this after our last dinner together here in Tucson only a few weeks ago.

The drive home on Monday was a long one. I left right after the show on Sunday; I was on the road by 6pm and drove for about 6 hours. I slept in the car for 2 ½ hours and continued on for a few more hours, slept again for another 2 ½ hours and then powered my way home. All in all I was in the car for about 24 hours. I even managed a short break in Phoenix along the way.

Yesterday was a day of laundry, unpacking, cleaning and getting my house in some sense of readiness for my next adventures for the week.

I very much enjoyed the All Star game last night. It was a good game and yet again my National League lost to the American League. This borders on catastrophic; it has now been 10 years since the NL has won the mid-season classic. Even though I have my Chicago White Sox (American League) I am and will always be a true blue National League fan. I am not a fan of the designated hitter and that is kind of a big deal. I think that if you take the field you need to actually hit the damn ball.

I still am getting up at 5am to watch the Tour De France live in the mornings. This weekend is going to be exciting as they reach the Alps and the climbers take over the race and break up race. It is getting really exciting and really fun.

Today is an adventure to IKEA and to pick up Terri in Phoenix for a Tucson visit. Have a great day!

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