Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wednesday July 7th / Thursday July 8th ~ 2010

I have spent the last 2 days driving 1800 plus miles to get to Tacoma, Washington for some teaching and some selling. It was a long drive and I got in too late this evening to get to my classroom to set up so tomorrow morning is going to SUCK.

This was a new drive for me this year, now that I am living in New Mexico I no longer have to drive through the LA basin or go over the Grapevine ever again. Never having to make that portion of the drive was totally worth the move alone.

I do love the driving but I have not truly recovered from the move, Bead & Button, un-packing and then repacking. I am tired and I need a few days off after this whole thing.

This image was the best part of my drive today… gives a new definition to hitchhiking  don't you think?


Karen Elmquist said...

OMG I almost didn't see the bear!

RuTemple said...

You made that leap to NM, congrats! We need to catch up one of these years... have a great show! said...

that is an awesome picture.... Hope teaching is going well :)

Anonymous said...

At least, in New Mexico, no one will be asking for your!