Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday July 20th ~ 2010

It has been a busy week since I got back from Tacoma. Classes at the Puget Sound Bead Festival were fantastic, the show was fun and I had the worlds best booth neighbor, Jeannette Cook. When we made Facebook plans for a good dinner out for oysters and salmon we had no idea that we would be spending the entire weekend side by side, laughing and people watching. I could not have asked for a better neighbor and I have to say that our entire aisle of vendors was fun and helpful and there was a great deal of frivolity and the sharing of potato chips.

My drive back was wonderful. I ran out of the convention center on Sunday evening as quickly as possible (exactly 22 minutes after the show closed) and drove south to Salem OR to have dinner and spend the night over at my friend Michele Goldstein's house. We hung out as the sun set drinking beers and grilling steak. What a lovely way to unwind after a whirlwind 4 days of teaching and shows.

I drove for 16 hours on Monday and missed the exit I was aiming for and did not realize it for over 20 plus miles, having no desire to turn around I ended up in this mom-n-pop hotel in the middle of nowhere Ludlow CA about 60 miles from the AZ border. To check in you had to go to the gas station across the street and I have to say it felt a little bit Norman Bates… but I woke safe and sound and was on the road by 6am the next morning. The temperature at 6am was already 85ยบ.

I got home and I have to say that I crashed for the next 36 hours and I have now been cramming my brain and getting ready for my submissions for next year. I have have about a month to planning all of 2011 and seeing what I can add to buff out the schedule. I am also getting my house set up and unpacked. I am loving my new studio space.

The house is going to be totally excellent for classes. I can't wait to get some dates up and posted.

Life here in Albuquerque is settling down nicely and a rhythm to life is emerging. Life is good and I am happy.

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elaine said...

Sounds like you had an aweomse time at the show. And welcome back to ABQ!