Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday/Wednesday January 19/20 ~ 2010

Check It Out! My friend Bronwen Heilman's  face bead made the front cover of the Main Show Guide.. Rock on for you Bron.

Well, I made it to Detroit and I finished my talk this evening. It was wonderful to be back here with this most excellent group of individuals; The Great Lakes Bead Workers Guild.

My topic for this evenings discussion; "Defining Your Creative Voice in an Overly Stimulated  World". It is a conversation that I find exceptionally relevant these days with our 24/7/365 lifestyle that has overtaken our society in the last decade. Finding a creative singular and personal voice in a sea of visual input overload.

I am looking forward to my classes over the next 4 day. Resins, Riveting, Chains and Viking Knit are all part of the slated entertainments. Looking forward to the frivolities.

During my last few crazed day of getting ready for my journey to the mid-west I had several errands that took me to all parts of Tucson. I am excited to see all the preparations  for the Gem Show really getting underway. I know that these 10 days away are going to bring huge changes as the vast open expanses are overtaken by the tent cities that are erected each year. It is such an exciting time of year here. IT feels as if the entire world of rocks, gems and beads descends on my small desert town. (Oh, Wait.. the entire rock, gem and bead world does descend upon Tucson and it is Fan-Tas-Tic.).

I changed venues this year. I switched over to the Best Bead Show ~ BOOTH SH-9 AT that the Kino Veterans Memorial Sport Complex. I am totally stoked to be in this venue with so many of my friends. I will miss my friends over at the Whole Bead Show but this move just seem like a logical choice for me.

Well, I am beat tonight/this morning and I am gonna tuck in and try to find my sleep. I have to say that I am totally dismayed by the happenings in Massachusetts. I find it hard to fathom the seat that was occupied by Senator Kennedy for over 45 years is to be taken over by a Republican. I thought that Coakley would have been a refreshing change for the Senate. Just knowing that she was not part of the Party Elite, and seeing her quiet  yet determined style that served her so well for so many years. She knows the law, she was a prosecutor not a politician, how nice would that have been. I am discouraged that the people are not willing to be patient and to give it a chance to get fixed and to be realistic about the total mess that we are in. This is not going to be fixed or healed in a few months. Eight years of the hellish course we were on cannot be corrected overnight.

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