Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday/Sunday January 23/24 ~ 2010

A web-cam in Szentgotthárd, Hungary captured this curious bird looking into the camera. The webcam is set to shoot only one frame in every minute, so what are the chances?

I have had a whirlwind 10 days of travel and teaching and I am beat. My last 4 days of teaching for the most excellent Great Lakes Guild has been so wonderful. This is a groups that is totally full of talent and creativity all rolled up into one big ball of laughter and gaiety.

I love coming out here and seeing all of the people that I have gotten to know from my several years of teaching for them. It seems like another lifetime, my first trip out, all I taught was 4 or 5 days of double chain mail classes. Then to come out here and pretty much have an entirely different slant on my career within the profession.

I am now heading back home for a single day of recovery (NOT REALLY) and then I make the last and final push for the Gem Show. I have so much to get done and so much to finish up I just hope that I can accomplish 1/2 of what I desire.

I am pleased to see that our President is getting a little mad. This latest affront from the Supreme Court stating that there are really no limits on campaign contributions is a challenge to the democratic ideas that this country was founded on. We have delivered every elected office to the lobbyists and to the corporations. 

I want my politicians to have to sport their corperate sponsorships just like NASCAR driver!

I fully believe that each representative should have to wear patches on his jacket like and NASCAR driver so we the people can see who bought his seat in Congress.

 I am also glad to see that he is stiffening his resolve on the banks. They are close to getting back to business as usual and this can just not occur. So many people are in desperate situations because of the selfish acts of these people. We bailed them out and now we are still paying for their arrogance.

I need to see President Obama be okay with not being the man who wants the two sides to come together. I want him to be angry with their "childish politics" and to fight back. I want him to fight back because then all would see how truly inane the opposition party actually is.

I am patient, the truth will won out and we will be stronger for it in the end.


Carol B said...

I love the idea of having to show all your sponsors like NASCAR drivers. And, like NASCAR, the size of the ad indicates the amount of money spent!

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