Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday Sept. 1st.

Early this moring...like 5am early, I was sitting at my gate at the Dayton International Airport and sitting across the way from me, in a very SPARKLY Short cocktail dress, SPARKY strapless shoes and done up to the nines, sash and all, was Mrs. Ohio International. She had to have gotten up way way way to early to look like that at 5am. I really have to ask why was it necessary for her to actually wear the sash...I mean WOW!

Well I am posting this from the Denver airport. I have been away for just over 3 weeks and all I have to say is that I am ready to not be living out of a suitcase for a few weeks. I had a very good trip but no matter what, it is a good thing to get back to my own bed and I am very much looking forward to snuggling with my kittens.

Not only have I taught 10 classes during this trip, I have also gotten some significant work done on my moms house. It really is a matter of constant vigilance, as soon as we think that we are getting some good things taken care and making progress, another project crops up. We started looking at having her shower stall re-tiled and a new shower pan installed. Finding an individual that can handle the job and not try to take advantage of my mom is always in the back of my head.

Mom had a guy come over to give her a price for a fiberglass shower insert and was told that there was surely water damage to the green board behind the tiles and added on costs for repairs and then tried to make her chose in a matter of days. I thought that the tactics were heavy handed and were playing to fears and inexperience. I was not pleased at all when I started to see what was happening. I think we are doing a pretty good job of getting these tasks done in an easy and timely manner so that when she is ready to move the list of things that have to happen will not be overwhelming.

So... I am on my way home & needless to say, I have a very set way of travel. I will do everything I can to get really early flights whether I am flying east or west. If I am heading east I get in with a few hours before the dinner hour and I have time to acclimate to the time change. On this trip I will have flown from Dayton to Tucson and get home before 10am. Traveling this way I will have the entire day to start to recuperate for the entire day and I should not have any problems adjusting back to my own time zone.

As I have already posted I had a very fun time at the BeadFest Philly. The classes were fun and I actually do have a good time there. I also had a great time teaching at The Place to Bead in Naperville this past weekend and I also got to experience a very wonderful one day show that they put together. The Suburban Bead Encounter really is an excellent show. The venue at the Holiday Inn is intimate and the selection of vendors offers a very good selection and wide variety. Each of the 4 classes that I taught had students that were so excited to learn about fine silver and everyone did such a fantastic job and made huge strides in fine tuning their techniques.

I have a very full plate ahead of me till the end of the year, check out the updates on my website. I am hopeful that each of the shows that I am teaching at and exhibiting at will follow the encouraging trend that all of us are starting to see. It is hard to have to double the amount of time that I am away in order to keep things going but it is the way that is is and I am grateful for all of the support that my students and customers are giving.

My next show is BeadFest Portland, I have 3 different classes that I am teaching and am teaching 2 of those 3 classes twice. Check out the show and come take some classes. You can fine tune your fusing and metal working skills or dive into an brand new experience.

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