Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday July 22nd ~ 2011

To say that I had a last fantastic day of hiking in Glacier and then 3 even better days of teaching at the Powder Horn Trading Co may be one biggest understatements I have made in the last decade.

McDonald Creek- LoL
The park on Thursday was so beautiful. The weather was cold and over cast and the trails had the most unusual quite calm quite to them. It was almost unnerving at times. But I hiked a good portion of the McDonald's Falls Trail along McDonald Creek. (The word creek seems a bit understated at this time of year. The creek are more like raging  rapids.)

After the Falls I picked a trail that is not on the major lists of trails to hike. I hiked along the South Boarder Trail up to the cut off for Loneman Mountain Lookout Tower. I had to turn back at Harrison Creek due to the lack of other hikers. I did promise my GF that I would not get attacked while I was partaking of nature. This trail follows the Flathead River ultimately cuts back along the Coal Creek up to Buffalo Woman Lake. After being the total geek that I know I am and scouring the topographical map of the park that I bought this is a hike that I need to take the next time I am back in Glacier.

Benton Bridge & Flathead River
 Classes were a blast and each and every student was a total joy to get to know. I am excited about the possibility of coming back next year for another round of classes and I know for sure that Terri & I are coming to Glacier next summer for some serious fun.

Not only were my hosts Cindy & Bud, the owners of Powder Horn Trading Co, totally generous by opening up their home to me, they also fed me almost to bursting. As Cindy said she did not want me to go back and say that I was not fed well. My second to last morning the 3 of us went on an early morning horse back ride for over 3 hours that went up to what Cindy called the nose bleed section of the hills where they live. The views back towards the Mountains was spectacular.

*** I will see if I can get my hands on some pictures of the 2 horses I rode, Nada & Pepe as well as Bud and Cindy's most excellent dog Hank. ***

My drive back to New Mexico was uneventful and as the miles passed the unfolding scenery was absolutely breathtaking. Had I really paid attention to my return route I may have decided to take a few days and do some hiking in Yellowstone National Park. I had no idea that I would be driving right by the eastern side of the park. Well, maybe next time I am out that way I will figure out a way to add that into the itinerary.

It is good to be home and I enjoyed taking Thursday off to rest and gather together the memories of my past 2 weeks away from my wonderful life here. It was an action packed 2 weeks and I have to get right back at it ASAP.



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