Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday January 20th ~ 2011

I do own the Classic black iPod.

I am in Miami after a long drive of 2 and a half days. I forwent my usual book listening routine and I decided that I needed to listen to some music during this trip.

The first day I set my iPod to shuffle and was entertained by a very wide variety of musical selections. Yesterday was dedicated to Tom Waits, his gravelly voice unique view of the world. Today was spent jamming to Prince while I finished up my trip in 80ยบ sunshine traveling south on the Florida Turnpike. All in all a very rewarding musical drive.

I gave my talk this evening for the South Florida Jewelry  Guild and it was wonderful to see so many familiar faces and catch up with friends and even a kindred spirit that I have not seen in over 2 years. So.. to say it was fun is an understatement and that are a totally delightful group of people.

I am teaching for the next three days and am looking forward to it very much, it has been a few months since I was in front of a class of students, bending them to my will and forcing them to do what I tell them to do.. (just kidding) I love teaching, it is one of the few times in my life that I am totally at ease.

Tomorrow morning we are tackling the Loop-n-Loop chain and then we will abuse some heavier gauge wire in the afternoon. Saturday's class is the hand forged cuff and Sunday is two Chain Maille Classes. This group keeps me on my toes for sure!

I will try to remember to post some pictures of this weekends class

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Pretty Things said...

I have the same style iPod, too, but in silver -- everyone else in my family has the super-duper-extra-space-agey ones!

Loving your book I bought at last year's BeadFest -- hope to see you at one again!