Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday January 15th ~ 2011

I am getting ready for a wonderful 2000 mile drive to Miami starting next Tuesday morning. I have a date with the South Florida Jewelry Guild where I will be teaching and giving a talk on Thursday night.

I am getting to drive through a few more states that I have not been through. I have never been through Mississippi, Alabama and I have only ever driven around New Orleans in Louisiana, so I do not think that really counts and I am looking forward to seeing some new sights.

As I charted out my path to Miami I pulled up a map of the US and started checking off the states that I have driven through and I have to say that I have been through more than I had thought.

I need some suggestions for going to the following states that I have yet to visit.
Let me know what each of these states has to offer for exploration. I am always up for a new adventure.

1. Idaho
2. North Dakota
4. Minnesota
5. Arkansas
6. Maine
7. Alaska

If I can get to these last few states I will have driven through all 50 states of this nation. Now I have driven in Hawaii but only on the Island of Oahu so I have some more exploring to do there for sure…

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Anonymous said...

Minnesota is a beautiful state...Duluth has a lot to offer. Great art galleries, brew pubs and a scenic harbor.
Maine is another beautiful state. Freeport is a can't miss. And what do I have to say about the lobster!