Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday November 28th ~ 2010

~ Now on to the serious stuff. ~

Because Words Cannot Describe How Dumb This Is.
I have been very frustrated by the turn of events that our Nation has taken in this past election cycle. We are an impatient lot and I guess that it does not matter that we were warned that recovery was going to take time and that there were no quick fixes and that it was going to be hard and going to hurt to achieve the recovery that is desired.

But what I find more disturbing than anything is the continued popularity of that quitter of a Governor from Alaska. I have a hard time even saying her name. What bothers me is that people are giving her credentials that she has in no way earned and are believing the hate filled rhetoric that she spews forth.

Here is a "political" figure that only operates on a one way street. She does not allow questions or confrontation, belittles anyone that challenges her and only communicates with the world through social media. Her handlers delete detracting comments on her posts on Face Book  and she does not even have the courage to have a BLOG and then have to stand by her statements.

This country has two years to get our crap toothier and not let the unthinkable happen. I am begging us all to not get complacent, do not lose hope. Remember to keep the courage of your convictions and speak out for the promises that this administration is fighting for. I am not saying that they have been perfect but they are a damn sight better than the ones that just got elected to congress.

Please, read the following two columns and start to do real research, then do not keep this information to yourself. Read from the all sources and come to real conclusions and to not get suck into hate speech and fear mongering.

First Article:
THE HUFFINGTON POST - Why Sarah Palin's North Korea Flub Matters

One of the Huffington Post Moderators commented on this article and the following text is one of the most insightful comments that I have read in awhile.

LMKay66: "This is the same woman who didn't know Africa is a continent.  So I'm not sure it was just a slip of the tongue.  Besides that, she is not qualified to speak on the matter, or any other matters as far as I'm concerned.  I think she's a fraud who has gotten this far on her looks and her so-called charisma (though I don't think junior high school-level snarkiness can be construed as charismatic).  She didn't make a good mayor or Governor.  She was a joke of a VP candidate, and she couldn't even finish one term as Governor.  Now Fox news calls her a "news analyst" as if she's supposed to be taken seriously?  I can't tell you  how dangerous it is that the media's obsession with her continues to enable her and her ego to the point where she is seriously considering running for president.  The media has the power to influence elections.  I believe the media influenced the midterms with their Republican takeover narrative.  If they decide to take up a Palin as President narrative, we're in trouble."

Second Article:
Des Moines Regester - Political advisers: Sarah Palin's 'star power' alone isn't enough

In closing, I am sure that we can all agree that we desire and desperately need leaders that are actually smarter than ourselves. I know that I would prefer a Rhodes Scholar (Clinton) or the President of the Harvard Law Review (Obama) over a C average Harvard Graduate (Bush Jr.) of someone that went to 6 colleges and came out with a Journalism Degree. (Palin)


Pepita said...

As a friend said: she could be Obama's dream oponent in that she is no match for him....

Carole said...

But I know what you mean. It is hard to believe that anyone could take her seriously as a Presidential candidate. I am praying that the GOP comes up with someone more credible.

Sharon said...

I feel exactly the same way - thanks for speaking out!