Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tuesday May 18 ~ 2010

Whew, I am back home after a fast and furious trip to California. I departed Tucson Friday morning at 3am to get to Oakland by 4pm and that would get me there in time to get my booth mostly setup for the one day BS NorCal show. As always my friend Gail Crosman Moore and I have a blast when we do this show and the BABE show in November. We get together for these 2 shows and then spend a few days just enjoying San Francisco and the entire Bay Area.

The best part about a friend like I have here is that there are no expectations. We meet up for our fun and we can laugh till our sides hurt, enjoy a fine meal, walk for hours on end talk about creativity and we can just enjoy the quiet of each others company.

I sort of needed to get some down time on Sunday after a very good show on Saturday and then on Monday Gail and I messed around SF and Berkeley all day on Monday. We ended up at a restaurant that was an old favorite of mine, Skates by the Bay has the most amazing view of the entire bay and we enjoyed the sunset so we could avoid getting back to Oakland during rush hour through the MacArthur Maze.

As per my usual ways, I had a mind clearing drive to and from the  Bay as I listened to books on tape and delved into my own processes and tried to organize thoughts and desires and creative notions. It is always so important for me to have this time to myself, time that is not disrupted by tasks other than concentrating on the road and seeing the landscape unfold before me.

I have loads to do in the next 12 days and I will keep you all up to date on my progress.

oh and by the way … Shhhh … keep this on the down low … my Cincinnati Reds are doing very well so far this year … I do not want to jinx them so I am not saying much..

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My Art and My Soul said...

Welcome home, Anne. Sounds like a very quick trip. How's the DVD coming along? Can't wait to view it. Cheers, Sally (from Green Valley:O)