Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday May 6th ~ 2010

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving."
Albert Einstein.

Well not like this sign. This one is at Saguaro National Park here in Tucson. My hiking buddy Bria & I crack up each time we see this sign when we go out for a hike in the canyon.

 But Anyway ~ A few years ago I taught 2 young men how to ride bicycles without trainers. The elder of the two caught on pretty quickly but the younger one had a hard time finding his center of gravity. We went to an open parking lot to practice one afternoon and after a great deal of trial and error I could feel his personal frustration growing and I gave him the following advice.

" Just keep your eyes on the horizon and peddle faster than you are falling. No matter what, just keep peddling and do not look down."

He took off like a rocket and just kept going.

I read Einstein's quote this evening and it reminded me of that experience. I guess I can live on in confidence of my advice to this young man. There are a few wonderful moments in my life that I carry with me that will always make me smile and this one that is tops on my list.

I continue to get ready for my two upcoming shows and for all of my upcoming adventures. I am still looking for sign-ups to fill up my Texturing and Riveting Your Cold Join Pendant Creations class. Pass on the word if you know of someone looking for a really excellent class at B&B this June.

Also, I am very excited about  my next Master Muse Challenge. I got all of my supplies on Wednesday from Tonya and for a total change the inspiration for it was right there in my head, I had been milling over something similar in my head for quite some time and the design was pretty much thought out.

I have a rather strange process for a design, I tend to mull things over for ages and figure out all of the steps in my head before I dive in. So having a challenge handed to me that I have been pondering for a while is exciting for me. So, I am going to enjoy working out the final kinks with a few sketches. Keep your eyes tuned in to all of the up coming challenges as they are revealed.

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