Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thursday April 8th ~ 2010

I am way late but hopefully not coming up too terribly short.

The Biggest of the BIG news, I am sure that most have heard about, is that the auction for my friend Michele Goldstein started last Saturday morning on Ebay. Click here ☞ Michele Goldstein Auction ☜ for the link.

Here is the short story for those who are not aware of the situation. Michele Goldstein is an amazing Lampwork artists and dear friend. She had to stop working for several months in order to care for the father of her two boys. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer and he passed away after a very brief but debilitating illness. During those months that Michele cared for Steve things got tight on the financial end as you can imagine. So, Gail Crosman Moore and I decided to get our artist friends to all donate work for an auction to help out Michele and her two boys.

There are 3 auctions that are ending in just under 3 days so take a look at them first. Auction number 56 is one of my favorites, that painting by Kathy Dorfer is truly so very special.The remaining 53 auctions will continue on for another 5 days so please check it out and bid often and bid high.

This has been a wonderful experience seeing our community come together and give of themselves and their art to support a colleague, fellow teacher, artist and friend. There are several of the artists that have donated work that do not know Michele and that act in itself speaks volumes to me of the nature of humanity

On the traveling  front:

I have been a driving crazy woman. I left Tucson on Friday and spent Saturday with my girl before heading out across the country. I am here to tell you that the pan handle of Texas is really very flat and that Oklahoma is as well. The highway system in Missouri is a disaster and thank god Illinois and Indiana are very skinny states. All in all, an amazing 1800+ miles from Tucson, AZ to Dayton, OH.

I only drive 500 + miles tomorrow... a walk in the park be comparison no?

I start teaching this Friday morning bright and early at Bead Fest Wire at the Valley Forge Convention Center in King of Prussia, PA. If you are in the area come and check out the show..


Karen Elmquist said...

girl you are a crazy driving LOON!

Cindy said...

Anne it was really wonderful meeting you at Bead Fest Wire at the Meet the Instructors night. I absolutely love the bracelet that I bought from is my special momento from the event. I hope you have safe travels back home and get some R&R! :-)