Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday September 28th ~ 2010

Can you believe this week? This has been a week of "what the heck is going on in the world."

A ~  I down loaded the GOP's "Pledge to America" and was mystified by the number of things that they "PLEDGE" to do that have already been done by the current administration. Just the section on health care alone made me want to throw something hard at John Boehner's head. What a load of whooie this piece of propaganda perpetrates. If you want a really good laugh and you really want to get irritated, download the document and pour yourself a strong drink to wash it down with. Be careful you have to wade through page after page of images in between the "pledges."

B ~ Think Progress had a very interesting article made possible through the Freedom of Information Act, that uncovered proof of what we all knew. The Bush administration was looking for any excuse possible to start armed conflict with Iraq. How many of our nations men and woman in uniform died because of one individuals obsession and why are we not making more noise about it? He is living a secluded life of comfort and isolation and we, as a nation, are left to deal with his disastrous legacy.

C ~ "Is the tea party one the most successful scams in American political history?
Before you dismiss the question, note that word "successful." Judge the tea party purely on the grounds of effectiveness and you have to admire how a very small group has shaken American political life and seized the microphone offered by the media, including the so-called liberal media."
• Add to this quote the conservative media of Fox News. Here is a broadcast station that states it is delivering the news and it is doing nothing but spoon feeding people who do not want to research for themselves the truth about anything. I have news for you all: 1. The President IS a citizen of the United States, he was born in Hawaii. 2. He is NOT a Muslim, but even if he was; why should we care? Who the heck give a flying fart. 3. The mess we are in right now is NOT his fault. The bailout of the Auto Industry and the TARP deal was all done under Bush's administration. This dude is having to clean up the jerks mess.

D ~ Do you really want to see what is happening in the world of Political Action Groups? Many of these so called Grass Roots groups are run and organized by big business that only have their own pockets and their own profits in their sights. These are dangerous people with an amazing amount of political clout. They are lying to the public and hiding their agenda behind the cloak of "Tax Exempt." They do not have yours or my interests at the forefront of their minds. They just want to put people in power that will continue to turn a blind eye to their unscrupulous business practices. Just go to the Americans for Job Security site and see what a good job these people do to hide behind the mantle of GOOD FOR AMERICA and be afraid, be very afraid.

E ~ This one was my favorite of the week. Our nation is under attack and is under the influence to religious groups who cannot even answer the simplest questions about the faith that they espouse to. The simplest of questions were asked and most could not answer them. The agnostics and the atheists did a much better job because they have actually questioned religion and not just gone on "faith" or just believed what they were told to believe. I for one actually want to understand what I believe in, not just regurgitate doctrine that I was spoon fed.  Can you actually believe that less than half of the people asked knew that the Dalai Lama is a Buddhist?

F ~ My BEST news of the week? My beloved Cincinnati Reds won the National League Central Division Title tonight with a walk off home run in the bottom of the ninth inning. Way to go Jay Bruce.

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