Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday February 12th ~ 2010

It is already half way through February? ... Excuse me?

Whew, what a blazing, insane and whirling past nine days. I had a house and a guest house full of people exhibiting and assisting exhibitors for the Gem show and I was doing just the same, so for over a week every time I sat down to write about and post to my Blog I was just too tired and promptly curled up under warm covers and fell fast asleep till my alarm went off the next morning.

Gail and her Life Saving Get Around Wheel-y Cart.
The week and a half was as challenging as it was fulfilling. My friend Gail Crosman Moore overcame way to many obstacles in order to get to Tucson from Massachusetts. In December she had hand surgery, so her poor right paw was in a hard splint to protect it and then to add to her difficulties she fell and broke her fibula just four days before she was due to get on a plane. She always has been a person that I have greatly admired for her humor, talent and soul but this display of grace under fire was totally inspiring. What a total trouper and every day was met with smiles, laughter and several cups of coffee.

Terri and Andrea at the Whole Bead Show's Late Night.
 The show itself is always so much fun. I love that, pretty much, everyone shows up to either exhibit or to shop. There are many greetings and much hugging and the show is the kick-off for a new year. Every year the Gem Show seems to signify a new beginning of shows and teaching engagements and we garner the temperature for the new season to come by the general level of optimism those attending. I think that all of us were pleased to see that there is a greater feeling of optimism and a sense that the worst it behind us and that we are moving forward. I know that I certainly hope that this is in fact the case.

My favorite part of the week is Saturday night. We are all at the end or our perspective shows and the tensions of the build-up to it all has ebbed away. Last year, I had a large group of friends over for a cook-out and a real sit down dinner. We did the same this year and just as much fun and silliness and laughter was had by all.

We can be a boisterous group and I love to watch as each niche started laughing at their own conversations the general volume of the room grew. I enjoy how we share our stories of the week, our plans for upcoming years shows and how we can just relax for an evening. The simple bastion of a house and home to sit down in for few hours can really revive the soul. I truly love this night and I so covet this time that I have with my friends loved ones.

Terri and I drove back to Albuquerque yesterday and that officially brought the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show to a close for me. As we drove away from last minute shopping from the Gem Mall I realized how truly tired I was. I can normally drive for upwards of 10 to 12 hours at a time before I start to feel the effects but I only made it 3 hours before I had to hand over the task.

I have loads to do over the next week and a half and I am overwhelmed by the number of emails that I have to answer. I think that I will actually have to make a list of the lists that I need and start from there.

2 comments: said...

sounds like you had an awesome time... it sure looks like it!

Now .... time to rest up :)

Andrea Guarino-Slemmons said...

thank you again Anne...... I love our Saturday nights.... I will be there next year.... and maybe I can have a lot of the preparation done before you get home..... and let me wait on you for a change!